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DetachedWhat you do tomorrow, you’ll pay for today.

Life was easier in the cage, now Lara Crane’s life is under a microscope.

She thought she was out, ready for a normal life, but with the Feds endless questions and tests, Lara realizes she might never be free.

Things would be worse if not for Donovan. They promise to ride it out together as Lara is fitted with a time travel restraint, designed to not only stop her, but to save her life as her mind spirals out of control. No more second chances. No more time travel to revert everything back the way it was once before.

As the danger increases, so does Lara’s headaches and nightmares. Her brain is desperate to be free, loose, and as the future begins to flash all around her, Lara is terrified the end might be near.

And maybe she doesn’t have a future at all.

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my review:

I have been trying to figure out how to write this review without being cheesy or vague. Writing “I loved it, just read it” isnt really helpful lol.

This is the last book in the Rewind Agency Series. When it ended it almost felt like you lost a friend. I became way too attached to these characters. Lara and Donovan are a true time-tested couple. I loved the transformation of Donovan through the timelines and how devoted and loyal he always was to Lara.

In Detached you really get to see Lara grow. Even though she’s a teen she has decades of experience crammed into her small body. In this book she becomes a slightly hardened, fierce woman who understands that sometimes easy isn’t the best way. She has to make hard choices. When you meet Cassidy in the future you see that the fiercness runs deep in the Crane/Montgomery family. Cassidy is a character that is larger than life. I hope to see her in a series of her own. I’m curious what her future became.

Seriously, check this series out. Start from the beginning. Watching Lara and Donovan’s story unfold is awesome enough but the book is also full of adventure, fast paced action and fierce women kicking ass and taking names. Don’t mess with their family!


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