Forgetting Jane, a Dark Paranormal Thriller by CJ Warrant Giveaway and Excerpt

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Amnesia and an unspeakable crime have stolen everything from Jane Doe except the haunting image of a girl in a yellow dress, which replays itself over and over in her mind.

Small town cop Elias McAvoy is haunted as well, by the crushing guilt he feels over the deaths of two women, one by his own hand. He can’t-he won’t-let Jane down too.

Together they delve deeper into Jane’s case, battling against her memory loss, and an increasingly tangled web of lies and murder that span forty years-and ties Elias and Jane together in ways they never imagined. As the mystery of the girl in the yellow dress unfold, so does Elias and Jane’s love for each other. However, when the killer reappears, intent on finishing what he started, Elias must face his demons in order to save the woman he loves or lose her forever.

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“Chief McAvoy, I want a word with you,” Mayor Daniels called out. He pointed at Elias with a rigid thin finger and signaled him to come.

“Mayor. What’s the honor?” Elias folded his arms across his chest.

“I heard a naked, beaten woman was found. How are you going to handle this?” Daniels tapped the end of the cane to the floor with each word.

“I’ll handle it by the book.” Elias stared straight at the man’s face. This was bullshit. Who was in charge?

“Is she local? Does she know who did this to her? I need answers, quick. People of this town have the right to know, especially if we need to protect ourselves.” Mayor

Daniels kept on with his inquisition but Eli turned his back to him.

“There is nothing yet to report. But, if anyone is in immediate danger, I will let you know right away. Now excuse me, Mayor. I have to do my job.” Elias glanced back at the old man.

The mayor’s nostrils curled, and he grunted. “Wait—”

Elias stepped into Jane Doe’s room and closed the door. That man had been a pain in his ass since he took on the chief’s position.

With another deep cleansing breath, he pushed the mayor out of his thoughts. Eli took off his Giants cap and slowly walked up to the bed.

IVs and an EKG monitor were hooked to Jane. New gauze wrapped up tight around her head, she looked like a partially covered mummy. Her tangled bloody hair had been cleaned and cut short. It poked through the bandages like tiny spikes.

The rawness around her wrists and ankles weren’t as bad as her face. Jane’s black and blue skin had an appearance of dark purple charcoal smudges. Elias knew better. Flashes of Elise and of his mother penetrated—no, more like barreled their way through his mind. His stomach tightened and twisted up tight into his ribcage. Will the memories ever cease? No. It was his penance for not saving their lives.

With the oxygen tube that aided Jane’s breathing, she reminded him of Elise’s first day in the hospital. Elias stepped closer. His lungs constricted. He forced himself to calm down.

Judging from the barbarity of the assault, the bastard meant to kill, but not before Jane’s attacker wanted her to suffer. Elias couldn’t imagine how much she endured, and survived. Her jagged fingernails were proof of her will to stay alive. He admired Jane for her strength.

Leaning in, he whispered in her ear. He hoped that through her comatose state, she could hear him. He had failed in his attempt to save Elise’s life four years ago. He wasn’t about to fail again.

“I promise to keep you safe. I’ll find the bastard who did this.” Eli’s voice shook as he whispered his quiet oath.






Culhane, Cyndi 2_1 2CJ Warrant is an Award Winning Author for dark romantic suspense and thrillers that pulls at your heart, makes you shiver with fear, and hope for a happy ending. A lover of coffee, baking and family, but not in that order—She’s a wife, a loving mother of three and a cosmetologist by trade. Drawing her experiences from her Korean Italian heritage and growing up as an Army brat, her stories stir in dark plots with addictive flawed characters you will fall in love with.

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