Glad I love the research! Guest Post from author Laura Stapleton


Glad I love the research!

Historical romances are notorious for being researched to the nth degree. In fact, I’ve heard more than one historical writer want to write contemporary because it’s easier.

As a writer of both then and now I have to say, really? No, it’s not easier. In my newest adventure, the Nova Scotia Murder Mysteries, being from the US meant I had more than my share of study into a Canadian’s daily life. Taking the easy way out meant having my characters go to McDonald’s for their fast food, Walmart for shopping, and make up a name for a grocery store and go with that. Doing the investigation meant knowing McDonald’s has poutine, Walmarts are eerily similar, and Metro or Sobey’s looks a lot like every US grocery I’ve been to from Los Angeles to Portland, Maine.

I needed to keep track of little things like the metric system. Canadians think in Celsius, and you know the Yanks think in Fahrenheit. It was a constant math-a-thon in my head with the numbers. Then, miles per hour versus kilometers per hour? One hundred at one is vastly different than the same number in the other. On my final read through for Betrayal and Imposter, the first two books in the series, I had to check for miles and temperatures, converting when necessary.

Writing the third book, Pleasures, has been interesting in one of those, “Hope the NSA isn’t laughing at my searches,” ways. The plot meant researching strippers and where they work. I learned a lot and read a lot of advice from the employees. Let’s just say the food and the housekeeping are not the clubs’ focus. Considering my main character is a doctor, he’s well aware of the biohazards possible, and I have fun with that fact.

The bottom line to everything is I feel infinitely lucky with research. The internet, traveling to the books’ settings and making friends who are experts in the areas I need have all been invaluable.

imp_medIn the second full novel in an Atlantic Maritime series, an assumed loyal son is the first suspect after his invalid mother’s surprise death.

Was the suspect impatient for his inheritance? Or did old age catch up to the dear elderly lady?

Can Aaron and Mandy teaming up again help explain his patient’s death before the wrong man is arrested?

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Welcome to the first full novel in an Atlantic Maritime series soaked in romance and murder. When a family friend of Mandy Hays washes up on shore, everything points to homicide. But how, when he was alone on a fishing trip? Her sexy neighbor, Dr. Aaron Nicholson, knows much more than he can say. As the evidence piles up, all of the victim’s family and closest friends seem guilty. Need to know more? Grab your copy of this “enticing page turner!” today.

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With an overactive imagination and a love for writing, Laura Stapleton decided to type out her daydreams and what-laura_stapleton_ifs in order to share her lovable characters and their worlds with readers. She currently lives in Kansas City with her husband, daughter, dog, and a few cats. When not at the computer, you’ll find her in the park for a jog or at the yarn store’s clearance section.

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