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“Wait. What is this, Eli? What does he mean?” Antigone felt drawn up the front steps but wanted to take Grace back into her arms at the same time, her little bunny in a sense. “It’s ours, Tig. This is our new house!” He put one hand on her lower back as she stepped through the front door and into the foyer which immediately drew her eyes upward. The soaring ceilings and chandelier above her were dizzying and the coolness of the stone floors made her feel like she was back in Europe on her honeymoon six years before. She turned back toward Eli. “Is this real life? I don’t understand, how can this be happening?” “That’s a question for Dad, actually.” Eli turned to his father and as he always had, Richard stood tall. Eli always saw his father through a superhero lens and it often made him feel inadequate, as though nothing he would ever do in life could compare to his father. “Antigone, Sweetheart. Come here.” He held his arms out to his only daughter-in-law and though she was still stunned and unsure of what this surreal moment meant, she stepped into Richard’s embrace. “On the first of next month, Eli will become the third Cranston partner at Cranston, Cranston and, well,Cranston!” Antigone stepped back and looked into Richard’s eyes and then to Eli. “Babe! That’s amazing! Partner?! You have wanted this since the day I met you. Oh my God this is unreal!” Richard gently took Grace from Eli’s grasp so Antigone could have her turn. “Shall I give you a tour, Mrs. Cranston?” Eli offered her his arm. Slipping her arm through his and walking beside Eli down the hallway toward the next chapter of their existence together was, in a way, a contract she hadn’t yet read thoroughly.

Excerpt and Giveaway The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane by Bryce Bentley-Tales

In their hometown in Ireland, thirteen-year-old Colton and his best friend Jade spend their free time investigating a local urban legend about an old abandoned house which seems to be genuinely haunted. At the same time, Colton has developed a crush on American foreign exchange student, Dylan, who is visiting his aunt. Turns out, Dylan isn’t your average American kid–he’s a werewolf. When Dylan’s aunt disappears through a portal inside the house Colton and Jade have been investigating, the three of them set out to save her from the magical realm on the other side of the doorway.

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A loud clanging echoed across the yard, and we both cowered behind the stone fence post. Adjacent to the old post, a crumbling stone wall shielded us from anyone standing by the house. When I poked my head around the ledge, nothing but the motionless tall weeds could be seen in the yard and the same gloomy look the house had had before. It was dead quiet.

Jade put her hands on my shoulders, her mouth next to my ear. “S-see, I told you. You believe me now? It’s haunted.”

I tried to speak, but my mouth was dry. I brought my binoculars up, gripping them hard with both hands. “Probably just varmint inside,” I said.

“Aye. And maybe you and your butterfingers could be captain of the rugby team.”

“Har-har. You think the Kennedy twins really disappeared inside?”

“I told you. I saw them at the house when I was with Erin two nights ago. They said they were going inside.”

“Maybe they’re hanging out at the local pub downtown?”

“Colton, no one has seen those fellas since that night. They went inside and never came out, sure of it.”

I swiveled the binoculars around, peering at the large, arched front doorway, which had a wolf face door knocker. Jade whispered close to my ear, “You see anything?”

“Shhh, I can’t focus with your tongue in my ear.”

“My tongue isn’t in your ear,” Jade said, her voice irritated. After a few seconds, she pushed on my shoulder. “By the way, you find out the new foreign-exchange fella’s story? You didn’t take your eyes off him in class. I missed a lot while I was away.” She giggled. “You fancy him, don’t you?”

I cringed, lowered the binoculars, and spoke in a hushed voice over my shoulder. “Don’t say that out loud.”

“And who’s going to blimey hear us? Just us and the ghouls at 44 Lowre Few Lane.”

“I have loved haunted houses for as long as I can remember,” recounts Bentley-Tales. “When I was kid I was hooked on the Scooby crew who were always going into haunted castles, houses, amusement parks, museums. Heck, you name it, it was haunted!” These sweet-scary childhood memories fueled Bentley-Tales’ storytelling in this book, his first YA horror story. And certainly, developing the story through the eyes of a young gay boy allowed the author to offer a special, inclusive point of view. And while masterfully creating tension and fear through the dark fantasy conflict, the navigation of young love is another great strength Bentley-Tales displays. “There’s a part in the story where Erin wants to make Colton jealous by telling him how much attention Dylan is giving her. I get a good chuckle when I re-read it, as it’s such a typical young love triangle!”

Author Website: http://brycebentleytales.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YALGBTauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rotville?lang=en

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