Review and Giveaway – Bloodborne Series

Reign Drops (Bloodborne Series Book 1)

A simple Mayan girl. A powerful spirit. A bloodthirsty monster. All leading to a desperate quest.

When the Mayan calendar ended some people scoffed while others joked and a few waited for the end of the world. After living half her life apart from her native people, Dalia no longer believes in the supernatural and monstrous things that the final cycle predicted.
But unbelief is not protection.

Going home draws her into a fight against mythical creatures, limitless power and a battle for humanity’s survival. Can Dalia balance an outsider’s knowledge and tribal wisdom to give the world a fighting chance? Or will she choose to stay blind and let the world collapse around her?

Reign Drops is the first book in The Bloodborne Series, a saga of urban fantasy novels. If you like tenacious heroines, Mayan legends, and new twists on magical beasts, then you’ll love Chris Patt’s spellbinding series.


Antionette’s Review-
I love to read books without truly knowing the story line. I was so surprised when reading this. Pleasantly.. And so excited to finish this book….
Dalia is a teenager who’s grown up in the myan community. The you gest of her sisters, and being told by her mom who’s a seer, she was sent to a church to live with nuns for a few years… She was never told quite sure why. But she loved living in the real world not living in her village… She loves pants and shoes and most girls do….
Then the story takes a turn.. She’s returned home and discovered one sister has died and another has been made in charge… Time women protect the community.
You have to read this book. I’m so excited to read book two… There’s vampires… And lore I’ve never come across in all the vampire books I’ve read. The excitement I just can’t even explain. The author went a new way with vampires.. Magic.. Dragons? I said dragons. Read it. You wont be disappointed.
I was given this book to write my honest excited review. You got it. 

Summer Sinks (Bloodborne Series Book 2)

An adept student with a powerful mentor. A diabolical witch huntress . Two friends working to avert a tragic twist of fate.

Dalia and her dragon’s quest for the histories of magic and humanity, and a long lost dragon tribe, lead them to Texas. While building her magical reserves, and satiating the dragon’s need for knowledge, they stumble across a powerful hex.

A curse that could cost her everything she loves.
Battling an unknown enemy, Dalia wonders if she can find the answers before time runs out. Finding enemies close and new allies in unexpected places it comes down to a battle of magics. Will the more powerful witch retain the upper hand, building on her generations of training? Or will Dalai’s faith in others be the end of her?





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Temple Origins show us how the Fate Sisters can turn a promise into curse. a curse that will lead to the Bloodborne Legacy. Follow along as we trace the path of the amulet. Death shows us the way, as only he can.


Chris Patt lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, three cats, two dogs and DJ the turtle. She writes as often as she can, but perhaps not as often as she should. According to the husband it is possible she reads too much.

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Audio Review and Contest – The Enigma Gamers – A CATS Tale (The Enigma Series Book 7)

The Enigma Gamers – A CATS Tale (The Enigma Series Book 7)

Has today’s technology advanced to the point that the line between the real and cyber worlds has vanished? If so, will this unchecked digital landscape provide new social predators with opportunities to unleash terror and pain on unsuspecting victims, while avoiding detection from anywhere in the world? How does anyone find the culprits holding international cities, big businesses, air traffic, and even emergency systems hostage to terrifying digital ransom demands.

Julie and Juan’s cyber assassin technology services team are immersed in these outrageous cyber-crime events occurring at multiple locations around the world. The CATS team is the next generation of hunters in the find and fix contest of cyber warfare, unlike any seen to date. How will they prove that the of 21st century video game playing has evolved beyond the that simple after-school distraction for children? With Supercomputers, the adage ‘bigger toys for bigger boys’ takes on a whole new definition. These Gamers may be after far more than just points.

George, Ty, Ernesto, Mercedes, EZ, and even Juan—travel to and investigate their respective assignments where they find they are undermined by organization’s leadership unwilling to listen to reason, playing the part of victim. Tampering with automated processes, driven by today’s explosion of technology use, is only the beginning of the competitive nature of these players. Cyber bad guys always think they can’t be caught or stopped.

Award-winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, take their fans into this grittier story of The Enigma Series to explore virtual hacking within our technology dependent world. Book 7 of the series, The Enigma Gamers, A CATS Tale, is focused on misguided technology using Julie and Juan’s talented and tenacious team of professionals committed to finding and punishing evil achievers in every corner of the real and virtual worlds.

You may find yourself trying to rewrite the ending to match how you see the world, or how it should be.

Kindle / Paperback / Audio

I received an audio book for my honest review.

I’ve recently become addicted to audio books, they are perfect for when I’m running or on a long drive. I usually listen to non-fiction but I had the opportunity to listen to this book and I love thrillers so I was excited.

Wow, this book had it all – even some romance. I’d never heard a book like this before but I loved it. Even though this book is deep into the series I found it to be a good standalone, I wasn’t confused at all. It was so well written that I really want to listen to the rest in the series.

Since I’m not used to fiction in audio I wasn’t sure what to expect with the narrator. He was great, he changed his tone with each character and after awhile I didn’t even notice him, I was so engrossed in the story.

I highly recommend this book.

Award-winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, take their fans into this grittier story of The Enigma series to explore virtual hacking within our technology dependent world. In book 7 of the series, *The Enigma Gamers*,
The CATS Team, led by Julie and Juan, is committed to avenging and administering justice to evil doers in every corner of the real and virtual worlds.

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Review and Contest – Rise of Prophecy by Abdur R Mohammed

Gods. War. Judgement Day. Novelist Abdur R Mohammed blends ancient myth, religious belief systems, and his deep imagination to create a fantastic new world on the pages of his fiction debut, Rise of Prophecy.

The Age of Virgo ends with an ancient Anuk prophecy looming over the world: peace ushers in prosperity; war brings annihilation. Prince Timon of Atlantis seeks the power of the Anuk star-people to conquer the world, but is challenged by the mysterious Liviana, who attempts to prevent the prophecy from unfolding. She is on a collision course with Alexius, a disgraced noble who inherits a secret from the gods. War is coming. Mortals and gods are in an epic power game in which strength, smarts, and allegiances are tested.

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Misty’s Review – 

This book started out slow however it picked up pace throughout and I enjoyed parts of it but it would say there are other parts i did not. I am on the fence for this book and that is why i can only give this book three stars.

About the Author Abdur R Mohammed is from New York City and currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA. He spent 13 years with the U.S. Navy, serving in F/A-18 fighter squadrons, and travelling the globe where his deep-seated curiosity about mythology and philosophy was further stimulated. Mohammed has degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. He is working on Vol. 2 of The Anuk Chronicles while polishing up the screenplay for Vol. 1.

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Character Interview & Contest – It’s A Curse to Remember – Storm

The first in a series, Storm is a twists-and-turns thriller driven by compelling characters challenged by dangerous forces, both external, internal, and eternal.

Evan Storm had been confronted by his past (an unpleasant one at that) in his dreams, and now in his waking life. He is struggling to reconcile the evil that lurks in his soul. Shadow Hex is his new neighbor, who also fears a dangerous past – her former fiancé who works for the Secret Eye Agency (which is as shadowy and sinister as it sounds). Does Shadow hold the key to Evan’s redemption? Is redemption even possible?




For Evan: You knew there was something you needed to find when you began to remember parts of your previous life. We’re just curious about what your thoughts are about the hallucinations you have.

I think they might be warning signs. Sometimes I’m taunted by them but the one I had more recently, it felt like a warning sign and it’s still stuck in my mind. What’s going to happen next? I feel that I should fear for my family’s life but at the same time I’m telling myself there’s nothing to worry about. I shouldn’t be worried because at the end of the day, I don’t want to be living in fear. But I think they’re supposed to be guiding me or something. I’m not exactly sure. I haven’t figured it out.

For Evan: How do you feel about Derek? You share the same soul, so do you think maybe some time later down the road, you’ll end up like him?

Honestly, I don’t like the guy. He’s disgusting. He’s also frightening even though he doesn’t really exists but somehow he’s able to make your body ache with fear. It’s crazy. I’m a totally different person. I know I won’t end up being like him because of the way I was raised. Something had to happen to him before he met Samantha that changed the person he was. But I don’t know. I like to believe there’s a good reason why people do the things that they do, but what he did to Samantha, it’s unforgiveable and you can’t justify his actions for whatever reasons he has. It’s not normal to be the type of person he is.

For Evan: Was there a little part of you that felt that you would meet Shadow? Do you remember anyone else from a previous life?

Maybe on a subconscious level, I think I was going to cross paths with someone. Because I wasn’t prepared to meet her, the idea that someone from my past life would be here was really farfetched. I know if I had told Denise or my grandma about it, they would’ve sent me to the nut house. They already thought that the fact I believed the dreams were sending me signs in a way, was crazy. But when it happened, when I met Shadow the first time, it was unbelievable. Other than Marvin, there’s no one else I remember at this moment. But who knows, it seems like there’s more to my story. So I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Born and raised in California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always had an insatiable appetite for reading and writing. She would often be reprimanded for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention to teachers. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Sidhu is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and running a women’s clothing company with her younger sister.




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Excerpt and Contest – The Heartbreak Cowboy

*Old flames burn hotter the second time around…*

It’s been four long years since McCrea Coldiron watched Eleanor Mackenna
walk out of his life. He wasn’t ready for the marriage noose then and never
thought he would be. Single, free to do as he pleases, and running the
Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch are the things that make him sure he was
right to let Eleanor go… This is until she comes back to town with a
daughter he never knew about in tow.

Eleanor knows just how badly McCrea can burn a woman and how persuasive
he can be when he wants something, so she’s more than cautious about
his charming words and cocky grin when she comes home to arrange the
sale of her grandparents’ ranch. But when a flat tire in a thunderstorm
introduces four-year-old Sophie to her daddy, Eleanor knows McCrea’s love
for his daughter is genuine. Can she trust it will be the same for her? As
the icy walls around her heart begin to melt, Eleanor must find the courage
to trust her heart or run away from the man who has always owned it.

Being shown what he lost is a wake-up call for McCrea and he isn’t about to
let Eleanor or Sophie walk away. It’s time to prove he’s a man who believes
in love and happy-ever-after.

Read an Excerpt-

“Perfect,” she groaned. Nix thought she needed comforting, or he was just fishing for information so he and Hank could plot McCrea’s disappearance.

She opened the door before he could knock and glanced at the bottle. “It’s a little early for wine, isn’t it?”

“It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. Are you in or what?”

“It’s greasy food and alcohol,” she said, grinning as she snatched the wine from his hand. “Of course, I’m in.”

He stepped inside and glanced at their bags by the door. “I guess I should have called.”

She searched the drawer for an opener. “It’s fine.”

“Want to talk about it?” he asked, eyeing the flowers.

She handed him the opener. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“You haven’t called in sick in three years,” he said, sliding the card around so he could read it. “And you’ve been crying.”

“So I am an emotional mess.” She shrugged, trying to downplay the flowers and card. “Chalk it up to PMS.”

“PMS or Cowboy?” he asked, inserting the corkscrew.

She grimaced at Hank’s nickname for McCrea. “I know what you’re doing, Nix Rebel.”

With a few twists, he removed the cork and poured wine into the glasses she set in front of him. He leaned closer, taking great interest in her face. “What am I doing?”

For all his toughness and brawn, Nix was a sensitive and affectionate man. His presence calmed her and at times, persuaded her to divulge more than she wanted to.

She tapped her short nails against the Formica countertop. “You’re baiting me with greasy egg rolls and red wine, hoping I’ll spill my guts. You know alcohol makes me stupid.”

“I won’t argue with you there.” He laughed before reaching into the bag for an egg roll. “But if it were PMS, I’d be dodging the wine instead of consuming it.”

“I’m not a suspect so don’t start with the questioning,” she said. “Comprende?”

“Si, senorita,” he said, devouring half of the greasy wrap in one bite. “Don’t bother with the plates. Bring the bag.”

“Nix!” Sophie ran into the living room waving her drawing in the air. “My daddy’s a cowboy!”

Oh God, Sophie! Really?

“Is that right?”

Her little head bounced up and down. “Mommy told me all about him. He has dark hair like mine and eyes too!”

He crouched down beside her to inspect the drawing. “You did a great job, Sophie.”

Sophie pointed to the newly added horse beside McCrea. “He has horses and Mommy said I could ride one!”

His smile never faltered. “That sounds like fun.”

“We’re going to see him soon.” Holding the drawing as if it were her most prized possession, she went skipping back into her room.

Eleanor took a spot on the end of the couch, licking the grease from her fingers. “These things are addictive.”

He sat down next to her and popped the other half of the egg roll into his mouth. It was somewhere between his third and fourth one that an awkward tension meandered into the room and made itself at home between them. “You’re going back to the ranch.”

Deciding she liked the awkward tension much better, she tossed her uneaten egg roll back into the bag. “There are a lot of things I need to sort through.”

“Things like teacups and lace dollies, or memories and old lovers?” he asked, digging into the bag for a napkin.

“We all have a past,” she defended.

“True, but Cowboy gets under your skin.”

“No, he doesn’t,” she lied.

“The Whiskey Sour says he does.”

“Don’t make this into something it isn’t.” She purged her frustration by crunching the empty bag into a tight ball. “Oh, and by the way, I love the way you and Hank swung in to save me like Tarzan,” she said, throwing the bag at him. “But it just made the situation worse.”

He dodged it, gathered the empty glasses, and headed into the kitchen behind her. Setting them on the sink, he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned his butt against the counter.  “If it wasn’t something then there wouldn’t be a situation, Jane.”

Eleanor busied herself with washing the glasses. “There is no situation, only a little girl who wants to meet her daddy.”

“And a woman who is still in love with the little girl’s daddy.”

She no longer had a just cause for wanting to slow roast McCrea over an open pit. And if she were being fair, she had to shoulder part of the blame for what went wrong four years ago. McCrea hadn’t seduced her. In fact, she had gone to the Roadhouse that night with her mind set on seducing him. Sure, he had been older and more experienced.

But Eleanor hadn’t been blind to his intentions, nor naive about how the night would end. She had gone to his bed willingly and without any expectations of marriage or commitment. Only love.

But McCrea hadn’t loved her. And she had decided a long time ago that she was done with wasting time wishing he did.  “McCrea was my first crush, my first real kiss, my first lover.” She paused, remembering each of those times. “He’s the father of my child. But the love I had for him died when he let me walk away four years ago.”

“I know a thing or two about being in love, and real love, true love, can’t be killed or forgotten no matter how much you want it to be.”

Her grip on the glass loosened, and it slipped to the bottom of the sink.

“Careful,” he said, leaning over to pick the glass up. He dipped it under the running water and set it in the drainer. “Letting things slip through your fingers can hurt you.”


About Mina Beckett

Mina and her husband live on a small farm in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southern Kentucky. She’s an artist, an avid reader, a dog lover, and a miniature horses enthusiast.

Life in her corner of the world consists of long winter nights curled up by the fire, cheering on her favorite football teams in the fall, enduring March Madness in the spring and walking barefoot through her garden with a cold jar of tea in the summer fireflies at sunset accompanied by a serenade of crickets and frogs, and lazy nights in the porch swing.

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