Waiting for Grace Book Tour, Excerpt, & Contest

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“Wait. What is this, Eli? What does he mean?” Antigone felt drawn up the front steps but wanted to take Grace back into her arms at the same time, her little bunny in a sense. “It’s ours, Tig. This is our new house!” He put one hand on her lower back as she stepped through the front door and into the foyer which immediately drew her eyes upward. The soaring ceilings and chandelier above her were dizzying and the coolness of the stone floors made her feel like she was back in Europe on her honeymoon six years before. She turned back toward Eli. “Is this real life? I don’t understand, how can this be happening?” “That’s a question for Dad, actually.” Eli turned to his father and as he always had, Richard stood tall. Eli always saw his father through a superhero lens and it often made him feel inadequate, as though nothing he would ever do in life could compare to his father. “Antigone, Sweetheart. Come here.” He held his arms out to his only daughter-in-law and though she was still stunned and unsure of what this surreal moment meant, she stepped into Richard’s embrace. “On the first of next month, Eli will become the third Cranston partner at Cranston, Cranston and, well,Cranston!” Antigone stepped back and looked into Richard’s eyes and then to Eli. “Babe! That’s amazing! Partner?! You have wanted this since the day I met you. Oh my God this is unreal!” Richard gently took Grace from Eli’s grasp so Antigone could have her turn. “Shall I give you a tour, Mrs. Cranston?” Eli offered her his arm. Slipping her arm through his and walking beside Eli down the hallway toward the next chapter of their existence together was, in a way, a contract she hadn’t yet read thoroughly.